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Artist | CEET

Graffiti Art

French / Hong Kong


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About CEET 


World-renowned Graffiti artist, Ceet (pronounced “Cee-tee”), is originated from the art scene in Toulouse, a town in south of France. he has been seduced by transforming letters and colors from his early childhood years.  


All to create a new design, his own world, he has shared his vision of graffiti and design to shake up the way we think and look at design and graffiti. 


Ceet ‘s work appears in prestigious brands like Prada, Ecko Unlt, Adidas… He has opened up to new projects. Always in search of perfection, he is experimenting his talents with complex pieces. All mediums are approached, from murals, to canvas as well as creating his own street wear brand (El Camion). Traveling throughout the globe, Ceet is installing himself as a true talent. 


Murals have become the most important part of his production and the focal point of his talent. Since 2003, he’s been very active in China with divers exhibits, events and artistic performances. Whether it’s for commissioned murals or an exhibit, Ceet stays busy on various continents.  


His canvas work is based on his logo creations and other modules. Museums, galleries and biannual contemporary art shows have invited him, which has enabled Ceet to become an important figure in the art world.  


His style reflects his energetic personality and his Graff world. The approach is based on a play of colors and wild style lettering; you could define it as a mechanical yet sophisticated designing style. His imagination has no limits. From his start with murals, Ceet has multiplied and created new outlets with his various talents, with one goal to create, produce and paint…







Should you be interested in working with the artist, please contact us hello.mobart@gmail.com.

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