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Artist | Silvia Chan

Mixed-media / Collage 

Hong Kong


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About Silvia Chan


Silvia Chan graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, RMIT University (Australia) in 2008. Having graduated with a master of education in visual art in Hong Kong IED, she is also a teacher in a special school. Silvia believes that art s not only for someone knowledgeable about any specific technique or technology. Her work is related to nature and ranges from drawing, painting, to mixed-media and installation, bringing Mother Nature and her ideas as an artist to a united front.


Artist Statament


“If and only if ocean is the mother of all kinds, artists shall be the children of the Mother Nature”~ By Silvia Chan


The inseparable depending relationship between the Mother Nature and artists is the origin of artists’ masterpieces soul. Ocean holds a fascination for artists. The mystical beauty touched one’s

heart. The story continues....bringing the artist and Mother Nature in a united front once again in search for a co-creation experiment, and the exploration of Ocean. The ruthless wave is not chosen, while the

tender white foam is opted for. The gentle white foam lapping against different shores was watched closely by the artist. Hold it with one’s hands and feel the moment when white foam slowly sneaks out - all for this “splitsecond beauty”. Stalled the moment when white foam lapping against the shore, adding the mystical forces to the masterpiece. --- “The Stolen Spoondrift”.








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