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Silence Whispers | Cindy Chan


Opening Reception: 11th Nov 2010 | 6.30 - 8.30pm
Duration: 11th Nov 2010 to 6th Jan 2011
Venue: Palette, 1/F, 30 Yiu Wa St., Causeway Bay, HK
Gallery opening hours: Sun - Thu: 3.30 - 11.30pm | Fri - Sat: 3.30pm - 1.00am | Closed on Tue
RSVP: rsvp@mobartgallery.com

Category: painting

MobArt is proud to present <Silence Whispers>, a solo exhibition by Cindy Chan, exhibiting a series of Cindy’s latest paintings inspired by trivial matters of her daily life.

Cindy believes life is composed of trivial things that occur repeatedly. For most people, these things are just too minor to take notice, but for the artist, these are the things that she pays attention to. Painting to her is a way of speaking, which subtly utters her stories and emotions.

Cindy carefully conveys her feelings through her brush strokes. The artist says “This process is like throwing a basket of clothes on the floor, then folding them one by one neatly and putting them into the relevant pile and placing them in the wardrobe.” It comforts Cindy both physically and mentally.

Cindy paints her feelings onto the canvas using soft colors and smooth brush strokes. We will find how sensitive an artist she is when one examines her paintings closely. Her paintings are generally very peaceful and harmonious at first glance, but when one looks closely, subtle sadness and loneliness are not hard to be found. 




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