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Artist:   Dennissoap
Title:   街上的睡眠者 Street Sleeper #5
Medium:    C-print on Kodak Professional MATT paper
Dimension:   Small: 12"W x 8"H | Large: 18"W x 12"H ( no frame ) 
Edition:   33

街上的睡眠者 Street Sleeper #5

  • Dennissoap


    WONG Chun-keung . He was born in Guangzhou and migrated to Hong Kong at the age of six. Due to the facts that his mother was affected by Poliomyelitis since he was young and that his childhood was spent in Sham Shui Po, an old district in Hong Kong, WONG has built up appreciation on deteriorated fragments that surround him. He feels sentimental towards neglected images that people echo with and uses photography to capture beauty that comes from things being imperfect.


    WONG likes to pick up discarded objects and to imagine that these objects carry many secretive histories. Subsequently, through reconstructing them, he creates a way to bring out the beauty of imperfections. Expressions of humour which contradict with the subject are created with intention through the use of vibrant colours as well as eye-catching fluoro colours.


    Wong is particularly interested in understanding the relationships between human beings, spaces and living environments. These elements have inspired the artist to march forward boldly in order to fulfill his dreams.


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