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MobArt x Detour |
Artist : Over 60 Artists|
March 2015

MobArt Pop Up

art store x exhibition

Venue:            Room S310 @ PMQ (PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central)

Dates:             March 7 to April 30, 2015

Time:             Open Tue to Sun, 1pm – 8pm

small space, Big flair.

Known as the new creative hub, the site of PMQ (former Police Married Quarters) is also a collective memory of HK people’s once home for married police officers. For this pop up project, we want to bring people back in time and transform the unit back into a living/dining room to revive the concept of a “home”. Yet a home filled with original artworks in “salon style” – the artworks are hung close to each other and from floor to ceiling in multiple rows – a great way to showcase an eclectic mix of our HK creative talents!

Artworks onsite will be available for sale (at affordable price range), which we hope would encourage the public to collect art for their own space, inspired by the home setting itself.

50+ artists are participating in this pop up project, with a variety of artworks both in terms of size (mainly small to medium pieces) as well as medium (e.g. paintings, drawings, print-makings, photography and sculptures). Artworks will be replaced and changed from time to time. Below is a sneak peek of some of the artworks.

We are also hosting a number of events at our “home” (e.g. Artists’ talks, workshops, Teatime: MobArt x Jouer etc. – details to be confirmed). Join us in celebrating the art month of March as well as Easter break. More details to come – watch this space for updates:

Participating Artists (at date of release):

Amimi Cheng | Amy Tai | Angel Hui | Ben Pickering | Blythe Cheung | Carmen Ng | Carol Kwok | Cheng TingTing | Chris Wong | Chow Lee | Colin Lau | Cornelia Erdmann | Edward Cheung | Elsie Wong | Emily Sarnel | Eric Fok | Fanny Wong | Grace Tang | Haruka Ostley | Harvey Chan | Iris Chan | Jill Tse | Jimmy Lam | Joachim | Judith Lui | Kade Chan | Kathryn Mann | Kenneth Tsang | Kenny Leung | Kitty Chan | Koanne Ko | Kos Cos | Lam Pei | Lau Hok Shing | Lica Lee | Lui Cheng Mui | Man Tsun | Marc Leung | Mari Liew | Oscar Chan | Parents’ Parents | Peggy Chan | Pete Ross | Production Q | Rex Koo | Simone Boon | Silvia Chan | Tam Kar Wing | Tang Ying Chi | Tania Willis | Thomas Lee | Tikka | Tong Chong | Tore Cheung | Violet Shum | Vivian Ching | Winnie Davis | Zoie Lam |

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